Social Media Style Savvy

I don’t know about you, but I just love using emojis on my iPhone. They have become an integral part of social media communication and I think it is fun to send little happy faces or symbols for holidays, travel, and food. However, there are quite a few emojis that are missing from my emoticon keyboard and it drives me crazy. How many times can I put the red flamenco dancing girl to represent fashion? Don’t get me started on all the clothing emojis (totally out of style….I could go on for awhile about this if you couldn’t tell already). Well, Harper’s BAZAAR has solved my fashion emoji emergency! During my travels last week, I was reading Harper’s BAZAAR and stumbled across an advertisement for the Harper’s BAZAAR Emoji app available for free on the iTunes store now. After doing some research, I discovered that the app was launched in early February just in time for New York Fashion Week. The famous magazine partnered with SixAgency to create the app and the London-based agency Crush Creative designed the fashionable emojis. The app is presented by the iconic brand Equipment and features 36 chic emojis for you to send out to your contacts (4 of the emojis were created by Equipment). The emojis include French macaroons, the Valentino Rockstud pump, Karl Lagerfeld, SoulCycle bike, champagne bottle, the Olsen Twins, and a BAZAAR shopping bag to name a few. Just a quick tech fact: the app does not integrate with your keyboard so you have to open the app itself every time to send the emojis. Download the free app now so you can show your love of fashion one emoji at a time. Be on the lookout for new chic emojis to be released just in time for the next New York Fashion Week in September! Social Media Style Savvy