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Happy Friday! I am very excited to bring you my first feature and interview on the blog today.  Meet Lucy Akin, the founder and creator of Shop Super Street. Lucy hails from the San Francisco Bay Area like I do and we met our freshman year at SMU in Dallas. We clicked instantly and bonded over our birthdays (I am 9/11 and she is 9/12), our love for San Francisco, fashion, and France. The summer of 2007 we both found ourselves studying abroad with the SMU South-Of-France program in Cannes (seen on the right). One day on the trip, we decided to do a spur of the moment jaunt to Monaco. What was supposed to be a day of seeing the sights and enjoying the small principality turned into a major shopping spree for us. Lucy helped me pick out my first Chanel bag and I in turn told her she couldn’t leave without her first Prada. Ahhh I just love the college memories, especially the ones involving friends, fashion, and fun! As the years went on, Lucy’s passion for fashion continued to evolve and I always loved hearing about her cool internships in Dallas and in California  After we graduated she made her way back to California where she became a buyer for Satine in Los Angeles.

Shop Super Street

Recently, Lucy launched Shop Super Street, a new online shop that carries exclusive streetwear accessories and ready-to-wear pieces from leading fashion collections. If you live in Los Angles you are in luck because Shop Super Street offers day-of hand delivery service (order your items by 12 noon and receive them by 6pm) as well as on-site pickup. Shop Super Street has been added to my “Favorites” on my browser and I am currently lusting after these sunnies, this blouse, and this clutch. Read more about this fabulous new site on Women’s Wear Daily here and make sure to head on over to Shop Super Street NOW to purchase your favorite street essentials. Also, make sure to follow Shop Super Street on Instagram for all the latest updates. I had the opportunity to ask Lucy about her new gig, her fashion must-haves, and her favorites. Check out the interview below as you don’t want to miss anything from this fashion maven!

Shop Super Street

Tell me about yourself and how Shop Super Street came to be. 

Super Street originally popped into my head as a gifting website. My friends at the talent agencies here in LA would call me for gifts for their celebrity clients and they would need it that day. The demand was so high that I thought it would be a great idea to have a website that they could browse and have day of delivery options from. Each item would have to be special and have that LA life in it. Of course, I couldn’t shy away from fashion so I dreamed up a site where people in the gift market could shop as well as girls looking for cool items.

The best part about creating Shop Super Street is…

I looooove curating a mix of product. That has always been my favorite part of the job (even when I was a buyer at Satine). I think it’s so important to work with the designer that you are buying from and help them translate their vision into wherever it may go – whether it be on-screen or in a store. Nothing makes me happier than bouncing from showroom to showroom discovering new things that I can bring to people!

What is the best advice you can give to those starting out in fashion?

I would say, be ready to work. I feel like I never graduated from doing intern work. It’s just apart of the job in fashion and there’s a lot of grunt work that happens behind the scenes to make it look so glamorous. I’m a true Virgo and I have the problem of things never being as good as you want them to be, unless you do it yourself.

Who and/or what is your style inspiration?

Shop Super Street

My style inspiration is a bit mixed. I definitely pull inspiration from the French New Wave girls (Brigitte Bardot, Anna Karina, etc.) For modern-day, I really admire the style of Ece Sukan. She’s a contributing editor for and she has a great handle on mixing menswear with luxury accessories of her own. She wore a vintage Alaia jacket at fashion week that had me drooling (seen on the right). And of course, Kate Moss – forever and always.

What item in your closet is your favorite? 

My favorite item in my closet has to be a Valentino dress I got while working at Satine. It’s blue and white (my favorite colors), off the shoulder, and makes me feel like a movie star when I wear it.

*Check out Lucy below rocking her Valentino at Paris Fashion Week!

Shop Super Street

What is your favorite fashionable city?

My favorite fashionable city is Paris! I am fortunate to go very often for buying and I’ve become very comfortable being there. Paris is just so much fun – you feel like the city is yours when you can bounce around on your own all day and discover all the beauties it has to offer. Not to mention the constant fashion inspiration of all the very well dressed Parisians.

The must have item for Spring is…

FLATS! No one is in a heel this Spring. Everything is being paired with a sneaker, Birkenstock, or chunky flat sandal. Our feet will thank us when we’re older!


Any designers to watch?         

Designers I’m watching would be Palace Skateboards. They are a skateboard company from London and I really admire what they’re doing (below left). It’s a very high-fashion, minimal approach to street wear. Another designer I adore that I think is going to hit it big would be Benedetta Bruzziches. Her bags have so much personality and life to them (below right). She’s like the Charlotte Olympia of handbags.

Shop Super Street

Shop Super Street

Favorite fashion moment is…

Shop Super Street

Shop Super Street

Phoebe Philo. Chloe. Spring 2004. That collection (above left) changed my life. That was my first encounter with Philo’s work (now the fashion designer for Celine and seen above right) and although I was in high school and couldn’t afford anything from the collection, I printed out thumbnails of all of the dresses from the runway and hung them up on my mood board in my closet. To this day, I search high and low on Ebay for one of those dresses. Her work is timeless and I’ve always connected with it.

Favorite quote…

“Everything is wrong with me except the way I dress” – Baron Von Fancy

Shop Super Street

Have a great weekend and remember to Shop Super Street!!!