Living In Style

Rachel Zoe has a new book out today, Living In Style. I DIE for anything having to do with Rachel, Rodger and the Zoe Team (I miss her show on Bravo terribly). I absolutely love her first book, Style A to Zoe, and it definitely has been a fashion bible for me these past few years. I was very excited when I heard Rachel had a second book coming out. Living In Style features never-before-seen personal photos from Rachel, fashion and beauty icons, tips and advice from her famous designer friends, and Rachel’s style insights on fashion, entertainment, home decor and travel. Rachel knows how to add a dose of glamour to your life and Living in Style does not disappoint. Hurry now to your local Barnes & Noble to pick up this perfect new addition for your coffee table as it is so Maj (had to throw in some of my favorite Rachel lines). Don’t forget to check out The Zoe Report for daily updates from Rachel and the Zoe Team on fashion, beauty, trends, styling tips and more. Happy Reading!