To keep your face clean is the most crucial part of the skincare regimen. It is so essential to make a proper skincare routine and follow it twice per day for better results. A skincare regimen includes four to five steps with products, namely cleanser, toner, scrub, face mist, mask, moisturizer, and many can be added as well. All of these products should be applied to the skin of your face once in the morning and secondly before bedtime for attaining proper results.

How to Use Face Mist Properly?

What is a face mist?

A face mist is generally water or oil-based liquid having properties of astringent. It provides aid to your skin in offering moisturizing qualities that stays throughout the day. An excellent face mist soothes skin and might contain aloe Vera, lavender, rose water. These are the best-known facts that are people are well aware of.

How to Use Face Mist Properly?

How to thoroughly use these products?

If you want to get a clean and fresh looking skin with a natural glow, then these steps are suggested by the famous skin experts to use for at least three or four months to get proper and better results:


A cleanser is a product that is used for opening up the clogged pores that can be filled up with dirt and pollutants. Using a cleaner is the first step towards the skincare regimen. A cleanser can be in the form of foam or non-foaming. Cleansers are made for thorough cleansing of your untidy face.


A toner is usually neutral; it is applied after the step of cleansing. Toner assists your skin in refreshing the epidermis, and it also helps in avoiding the surface in making it dry. Hence, it is one of the mandatory steps to follow, as well.


Scrubbing is the process of removing the dead skin cells of the upper layer of the skin, known as the epidermis. It deeply exfoliates the skin and eradicates any blackheads and whiteheads present on the surface. To get rid of the whiteheads and blackheads, numerous other resorts also available such as scrubber, blackheads plucker, and several different methods.

Face mist

This is one of the best steps to follow that deeply hydrates your skin and does not let it look dry. A face mist can be used as a body mist too if it does not have any foam-causing properties. The best hydrating face mist to apply is the one is made of rose or lavender. These things highly depend on personal choice, choice of fragrance, and many other factors. A face mist assists you in having a fresh face glow. For better results, you are required to spray it all over your face and then pat a dry towel over it. Then leave that for 15 minutes and afterwards, wash it gently with clean water.


A mask can be made from any ingredient such as clay, gram flour, charcoal, etc. that helps in closing the opened up pores. Because you are not advised to leave the cleansed pores open that will increase the risk of infectious diseases, a mask serves as a protecting agent against the dirt and pollutants. Masks are available in the beauty market in several forms, like pink clay to reduce itchiness, kaolin clay for skin brightening, green clay mask for improving blood circulation, and many other varieties of masks for different purposes are available.


A moisturizer is a content that deeply hydrates your skin and keeps it moisturized throughout the day. Applying a moisturizer with sun protection formula (SPF) is highly recommended to avoid getting the harmful radiations of the Sun to penetrate the epidermis. Ultraviolet rays of the Sun are one of the possible causes of the formation of cancerous cells and causes skin cancer in the human body.

How to Use Face Mist Properly?

Some of the following properties of a face mist are

Various face mists help in getting desirable results according to the ingredients they contain.

  1. Absorbs oil: A cool face mist soaks up the extra grease that is secreted by the sebaceous glands of your skin. These glands excrete excessive sebum due to several reasons. Spraying face mist on your face helps in providing less secretion of oil.
  2. Deeply hydrates: A thick face mist assists in thoroughly moisturizing your face skin if applied twice or thrice a day. It is suggested to use a face mist at least twice or thrice a day.
  3. Avoid acne: A gentle face mist is required to be applied to your acne, prone skin if you want to keep your skin acne-free. It controls the breakdown system of your skin by improving the blood circulation system of your body.
  4. Refreshes skin: Using a gentle and kind face mist continuously for four to five months is highly essential to get your skin a refreshing and natural glow. It deeply nourishes your face from with-in.

Face mist Vs toner

A toner is liquid having astringent qualities in it. It helps in shrinking the follicles (pores) of your skin. A right toner also helps in balancing and neutralizing your skin’s ph balance. It can also be used as a makeup remover.

How to Use Face Mist Properly?

Whereas a face mist is made from various lightweight oils that provides nourishment to your skin, but they serve nothing for your skin follicles. It contains many beneficial minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin C. But if you have oily skin, then it is advised to use a face mist without having oils.

How to keep your skin refreshed with the help of face mist?

It is recommended by various dermatologists to use a face mist for a minimum of two times per day. Once after waking up in the morning to feel a fresh feel on your skin. Second is before bedtime, for removing all the accumulated dirt particles and pollutants collected in your skin follicles in the whole day. It is also suggested to buy the face mist according to your skin type.